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Moroccan Hash with an added 11% hashishene content

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    Strain Profiles

    A must try!! Strain profiles now available from all the top terpene companies from around the world.  More coming very soon including all natural blends and canna derived oils.

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    Terpene Isolates

    All the typical terpene isolates commonly found in cannabis.  Why not mix your own proprietary blends or mimic your own strains?  Full sets available at a reduced rate in the packages section.

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    Flavour Concentrates

    New to Terpenes UK we have oil soluble flavourings and concentrates.  Use to enhance your extracts by adding back small volumes of potent, full bodied tastes and aromas.

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    When making active vape cartridges it is important to use dewaxed extracts.  If you don't the waxes can reek havoc with your hardware.  Use a diluent to help keep waxes in solution.

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    New to Terpenes UK our liquidisers are a blend of highly refined coconut derived MCT oil and terpene/flavour blends.  Ideal for flavouring CBD concentrates.

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    Find all the relevant accessories to making your own terpene blends or terpene infused products. From vape cartridges and pen batteries to micropipettes.  Its all there.  Need help, call our friendly team

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Products meet GMP Quality Standards. International Organization for Standardization 9001 certified.

Analysed & Tested for Safety

All of the raw material used in our products are tested and analyzed for heavy metals, pesticides, and solvents.

Compliant Nationwide & EU

Our products meet consumer safety standards in all European Countries and are legal to purchase worldwide.


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Strain profiles

Find our strain profiles in two formats. The accurate range is high on effect while the intensified range is for those seeking a more impactful flavour. 
The Accurate range is designed to mimic the flavour and effect of the strain it is named after. These strains boost an increased effect over the intensified range.
For some strains we have increased the level of some flavourings in our blends to volumes greater than the plant can naturally produce.  This is our flavour intensified range.
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