Mixing Guide

The following information is just a guide and so you should expect to experiment a little bit to find the sweet spot for you.

With that said, lets begin. 



Firstly a few things you that might help you along the way.

  • 1ml = 50 drops

  • 1 drop = 0.02g

  • if using plastic cartridges it is not advisable to go over 6% terpene content as it can, but not always, have a negative reaction and in some cases impart a burnt taste. Poor quality plastic cartridges will require another product to dissolve your extract. Use our fractionated coconut oil for best results.  Fractionated coconut oil can also be used as a diluent for those who prefer to use lower doses of cannabinoids in there vape pens or as a means of dissolving wax extracts and preventing them from going cloudy.

Starting Material                     Percent by weight            Notes

shatter/oil/pull and snap                      5-10%                   No need to use fractionated coconut oil but you can if you prefer a lower dose cart

Wax/Rosin                                           5-10%                   Remember to use fractionated coconut oil to dissolve waxes 

Distillate                                             10-20%                   Remember distillate will always oxidise and some terpenes may affect colour

Flowers/Buds                                        2%                       Recommend applying 1 small drop onto bud just prior to grinding

Champagne/Beverages                 5 drops/litre                1 drop per glass of champagne

Edibles                                                  1%                       Terpenes can overpower edibles so go sparingly

CBD crystal (isolate)                             2%                       Approximately 1 drop from dropper per gram.

Cosmetics                                             5%                       Add as late in the process as possible for best results


The first thing you should consider when mixing your own vape cartridges is your starting material .

When mixing with cannabinoids like CBD,CBG and others it all about the starting consistency.  There are lots of different types and so below we have created a guide for each type you are most likely to encounter. 

When mixing with SHATTER or DISTILLATE  (ie any winterised oil)


Start by placing your starting material into a glass jar.  Always use glass as it is non reactive and may be heated. 

For a single cart start with 0.4g.



Add the terpene profile of your choice to the required dose.  Either use the table above or stick with 1-2 drops per gram of oil. Remember if going free style like this then start small, as you can always add more but cant take it away once added.


Put the lid on your mixing vial and lower into a coffee mug of hot water straight from the kettle.  Leave it like this for 1 to 2 minutes.


Remove from mug and stir.  Using a clean dabber is fine. If its not quite coming together as a smooth consistency then you might want to reheat for a litlle longer



Put finished mix in fridge for 5 minutes to help bring back down to room temperature.  Check your consistency is good and load into pen with syringe.  Sometimes it helps to reheat mix to make loading into cart easier before cooling again.  This is normal practice when handling high viscosity oils for use in the thick oil carts.


When mixing with CBD isolate

When mixing terpenes with CBD isolate we have found the desirable starting range to be 2-5% by weight.. This equates to 1-2 drops from one of our droppers onto 1g pure CBD crystal. Some have said that they prefer 10% but this is far too strong for me. Be prepared to leave the lid on and refrain from trying it overnight for best results.

When Mixing with WAX/Rosin/CO2

The process is exactly the same as with winterised oils only it is important to add fractionated coconut oil to the mix as well to prevent any waxes from separating over time and giving your oil a cloudy appearance. 1-2 drops per gram should be sufficient. Note, fractionated coconut oil can also be used as a diluted for those who prefer to use lower doses of cannabinoids in there vape pens.