Extractors Pack Pro



The following terpenes are included:

30ml - Alpha-Pinene (Natural)

10ml - Alpha-Terpinene

30ml - B-Caryophyllene (Natural)

30ml - Beta-Pinene (Natural)

30ml - Delta-3-Carene (Natural)

30ml - Eucalyptol (Natural)

30ml - Geraniol (Natural)

10ml - Humulene (Natural)

0.5ml Hashishene

30ml - Limonene (Natural)

30ml - Linalool (Natural)

30ml - Myrcene (Natural)

30ml - Nerolidol (Natural)

30ml - Terpineol (Natural)

30ml - Terpinolene (Natural)

10ml - Fenchol (Natural)

10ml - A-Phellandrene (Natural)

10ml - Citral (Natural)

10ml - Y-Terpinene (Natural)

10ml - Isopulegol

10ml - Valencene (Natural)

10ml - Ocimene

10ml - Caryophyllene Oxide

10ml - Dihydrojasmone

10ml - Menthone (Natural)

10ml - Sabinene (Natural)

10ml - Neryl Acetate


All relevant MSDS sheets can be found on each terpene isolates page respectively.

Extractors Pack Pro

SKU: exprotuk1
  • This is the most exspansive pack we offer. Includes 26 different terpenes and is vast enough to make up most strains out there.


    Food-grade, natural, organic with no-GMO's

    Use to make vape juices, edibles, topicals and more.

    Optimize your material with increased “entourage effect”