Gelato #33

Gelato #33 x MCT has a sweet and fragrant fruity smell, with hints of orange and strawberry.  Ideal for social gatherings, creative ventures, and for productive afternoons when you need to have a lot of focus.  Beneficial on both a physical and mental level


    Mixing Guide

    • Add 1ml of the mct x terpene blend to a glass mixing vial.  A shot glass is sufficient but it is preferbale that you have a vial with a lid
    • Add anywhere from 0.5g to 1.5g of your favourite extract to the vial and seal the lid if you have one.
    • Add the vial to a mug of boiling water and wait for 5 mins with periodic shaking until the mixture has fully dissolved. (if you are using CBD isolate be sure that all the crystals have dissolved to prevent them acting as a seed and causing recrystalisation)
    • Once your mixture has fully assimilated you should be left with a golden silky looking fluid.  Draw this up into a syringe with tip and add to your vape cartridge.  Be sure to use the correct cartridge for the end viscosity of your products.  Solutions that are under 50% extract should not be used in cartridges that use a ceramic plate to separate the oil from the coil (like the ones we sell).  Solutions under 50% extract are best used in wick carts or normal juice tanks.



    They will not mix and cause a seperate layer to form (often pink when using cbd)

    Add extracts in their raw form only.

      Gelato #33

      • Our products contain NO THC or CBD and are created using only the finest quality food grade extracts with no fillers. 100% Pure. 100% Legal.


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