Grape Krush

Profile: Grape Krush is a slightly indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the classic DJ Short Blueberry with itself. This specific cross was intended to capture the purple color and grape flavor of its parent strain, amplifying it and creating a new generation of classics.


Fragrance: Grape Krush packs an insanely delicious flavour, with hints of fresh grapes and rich spicy kush hitting your tongue with each puff. The aroma is very earthy and with a spicy grape overtone accented by kush and sweet berries


Effect: The Grape Krush high has a lifted onset leaving you totally euphoric and utterly at peace, with no mental pains or racing thoughts to speak of. As your mind settles, your body will start to follow suit, leaving you slightly couch-locked and totally sedated without affecting your mental energy level.

Grape Krush

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