Grapefruit Kush Natural

Profile: Made with 100% natural terpenes and flavourings. Parent strains of Grapefruit Kush are a cross between the sativa Grapefruit and the indica BC Kush.  Others contest it’s a cross between the indica Bubba and hybrid Grapefruit.


Fragrance:  As the name implies, this strain is one of the fruitiest ones on the market.


Effects:  Some enjoy it for its potential to balance their mood but other consumers also have used Grapefruit Kush for enhancing their experience at social gatherings as it sometimes eliminates social anxiety and helps conversation become more interesting.


Grapefruit Kush Natural

  • Our products contain NO THC or CBD and are created using only the finest quality food grade extracts with no fillers. 100% Pure. 100% Legal.


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