Kola Kubez

Profile:  A cross of Zcube #8 (DyingBreedSeeds) x PennySweetz (Candyland x Zcube)​ this indica dominant hybrid has a remarkable lineage with the genetic make up consisting of 72% Zkittlez, 12.5% GrandDaddyPurple, 12.5% BayPlatinumCookies​ and 3% OG Kush.


Fragrance: As you may expect, this superb strain inherits that trademark Zkittlez terpene profile. As such, its no surprise that this potent plant emits sweet & fruity aromas with an edge of cola.


Effects:  Surprisingly uplifting for an indica, leaving consumers of this blend feeling focused, alert, and happy while relaxing the body to help unwind any time of day.


Kola Kubez

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