LIQUI-FIRE Flavourless terpene blend is the professional level diluting solution made of 100% botanically derived Terpenes.   Perfect for diluting concentrates and has the following benefits compared to the standard PEG400, PG, VG, MCT and Coconut Oil:


  • This product can be combined with "alcohol, CO2 or butane extracted" products to produce smooth flowing liquid.
  • Almost Odorless
  • Flavourless 
  • Helps to preserve your natural oil colour
  • Control the viscosity of your final product  
  • Has no mouth feel (cooling/ heating effect)
  • Has lots of vapor production
  • Mixes with our terpenes perfectly
  • Will never separate with your concentrate 
  • Can be used with either dewaxed and non-dewaxed extracts
  • Natural
  • Food Grade


Instructions for use:

*Warm extract until it is liquefied 
* Add up to 0.1 gram of this product per 1 gram of oil
* For enhanced flavour and effect add up to 0.15 gram of any of our flavoured Terpene Strain Blends per 1 gram of oil 
* Mix well with a magnetic mixer or stainless steel lab tool
* Allow mixture to return to room temperature. Check the consistency by tilting container to watch the flow of the oil.