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LIQUI-FIRE Flavourless terpene blend is our professional level diluting solution made of 100% botanically derived terpenes. Perfect for diluting concentrates and has the following benefits compared to the standard PEG400, PG, VG, MCT and Coconut Oil:

Can be combined with "alcohol, CO2 or butane extracted" products to produce smooth flowing liquid.
Almost Odourless
Helps to preserve your natural oil colour
Control the viscosity of your final product
Has no mouth feel (cooling/ heating effect)
Has lots of vapor production
Mixes with our terpenes perfectly
Will never separate with your concentrate
Can be used with either dewaxed and non-dewaxed extracts
Food Grade



Instructions for use:

Add 0.5ml of liqui-fire to a glass mixing vial. A shot glass is sufficient but it is preferable that you have a vial with a lid.
Add anywhere from 0.5g to 2g of your favourite extract to the vial (* For enhanced flavour and effect add up to 0.2g of any of our flavoured Terpene Strain Blends per 1g of oil ) and seal the lid if you have one.
Add the vial to a mug of boiling water and wait for 5 mins with periodic shaking until the mixture has fully dissolved. (if you are using CBD isolate be sure that all the crystals have dissolved to prevent them acting as a seed and causing recrystalisation). Once your mixture has fully assimilated you should be left with a golden silky looking fluid. Draw this up into a syringe with tip and add to your vape cartridge.

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