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Lemon Cherry Gelato (Liq)


Strain: Hybrid strain (60% indica/40% sativa)
Fragrance: Sour lemons, Rich cherries and berries
Effect: Relaxed, Tingly, Euphoric

The potent hybrid is an uplifting strain with a yummy family tree. Lemon Cherry Gelato is a product of Cannatique Farms in Oakland. The delicious buds are a cross between Sunset Sherbert, GSC, and an unknown strain. The aroma is as expected, an intoxicating sour citrus scent with earthy and pine undertones and a sweet cherry aftertaste.

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Profile: This Backpackboyz strain is a ménage à trois between a good old classic in Girl Scout Cookies (GSC), an infamous star in Sunset Sherbet, and a complete mystery for its third cross. Some people attribute Lemon Cherry Gelato’s earthy side to GSC and its citrus notes to Sunset Sherbet. As for its unknown third predecessor, it might as well be the strains secret weapon.

Fragrance: The aroma is as expected, an intoxicating sour citrus scent with earthy and pine undertones and sweet cherry aftertaste.

Effect: Users who have tried Lemon Cherry Gelato stated they were able to socialize and keep up a conversation with others. They also experienced a fit of giggles and hunger. Others experienced Indica effects noting that they were ready for bed and were relieved of stress, pain, and anxiety. It therefore seems this near-even hybrid could go either way depending on the user.

Mixing Guide
Add 1ml of the mct x terpene blend to a glass mixing vial. A shot glass is sufficient but it is preferable that you have a vial with a lid
Add anywhere from 0.5g to 1.5g of your favourite extract to the vial and seal the lid if you have one.
Add the vial to a mug of boiling water and wait for 5 mins with periodic shaking until the mixture has fully dissolved. (if you are using CBD isolate be sure that all the crystals have dissolved to prevent them acting as a seed and causing recrystalisation). Once your mixture has fully assimilated you should be left with a golden silky looking fluid. Draw this up into a syringe with tip and add to your vape cartridge. Be sure to use the correct cartridge for the end viscosity of your products. Solutions that are under 50% extract should not be used in cartridges that use a ceramic plate to separate the oil from the coil (like the ones we sell). Solutions under 50% extract are best used in wick carts or normal juice tanks.

DO NOT MIX WITH ANY PRODUCTS THAT CONTAIN PG/VG or PEG.They will not mix and cause a seperate layer to form (often pink when using cbd). Add extracts in their raw form only.

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