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Sample Pack


Pack Includes 4 x 0.5ml Samples

Strain Profile 1:
Strain Profile 2:
Strain Profile 3:
Strain Profile 4:


Pack Includes 4 x 0.5ml Samples of the following strain profiles:

Pineapple Diesel - hits directly with strong pineapple and diesel aromas. The base of the strain profile is a union of sweetness and pine aided by the complexity of Hemp-Derived Terpenes.

Death Star - gas-forward profile that brings in aromas of garlic, diesel, and earthy funk. The fragrance ends with a mildly sweet note of oranges, and overall, the scent is light and airy. The addition of Hemp-Derived Terpenes complements these aromas.

Gas Berry - an overlay of light berries and cream on top of a dark gassy base aroma. This unique union of berry and diesel flavors is given additional depth and complexity by adding earthy and pungent Hemp-Derived Terpenes.

Sherbet - Gas forward profile with notes of sweet citrus and earth.

Marionberry Kush - A slightly eye-watery sweet gas identity is complemented by a raspberry and tart berry profile that fills the nose, elevated by a light woody, piney earthiness.

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